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A practical and exclusive guide for all those who wish to learn to repair Notebook PCs.


– Basics of electronics
– Electronic components
– LCD, TFT, OLED and Touch technologies
– Switching power supplies
– DC/DC Converter, PWM
– CPU, RAM, Chipset, I/O peripherals, Disk controllers, DVI, Soundcard, Wireless, Modem, keyboards, Hard Disks, Cooling fan, Batteries, Power supplies
– Laboratory intrumentation: Digital multimeter, Oscilloscope, Welder, Tin suction pump, Hot air welding station, BGA rework station
– Faults search: Power Jack, PCB tracks, Thermal sensor, Batteries
– Video card faults, Reflow, BGA replacement, BGA reballing, LCD faults
– Faults on RAM and chipset
– Other kind of faults

Recognize AndFixFaultNotebook
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